3 Must Check Parts of Car Periodically

It is important for you to keep the performance of your beloved car. Just imagine if the car is damage because you don’t take care of it. Actually, you have to face difficulty especially if you want to go to your office. On the other hand, you have to spend unexpected money to fix the car right away. To prevent unexpected problem, you can do several things. Those things have to be done regularly. Here, the information about must check part of car.

must check part of carThe Pressure of the Tires

Tire becomes the first important part of the car you have to check. Even, you have to check it before you go for long distance trip. What you have to check is the pressure of the tire. You can measure the pressure at home. Just buy a cheap and easy to use tire gauge and start to measure the pressure. It is also important for you to check the tread wear indicator. Sometimes, it is difficult to do especially if you don’t have any knowledge about tire at all. Don’t worry with that because you can just bring your car to the local dealer around your living area. Ask them to check the tread wear indicator and you can also replace if it is necessary to do.

Changing the Oil

Tire is not only the one which you have to check regularly. It is also important for you to check the oil of your beloved car. It will be a problem if your car runs out of oil. Commonly, it impacts the performance of the car in which the car will can’t go far away. The worse part is that there is a big possibility that the car will be strike on the road. You don’t have to wait until the oil empty. Just make sure that you have to change the oil for about 3000 up to 3500 miles. In specific, it is a must for you to check the oil once a week. At least, you have to go to dealer and change the oil right away if you reach around 4000 up to 5000 miles. Don’t wait too long at least you want to push your car on the road because it is suddenly strike. It is really a must check part of car regularly.

Checking the Brake, Belt and Battery

Talking about oil, you may continue to check the brake, belt and battery of the car. Just like the other parts, brake has to be changed periodically to prevent braking problem. If you are late to change the brake, it is a common thing if you have to face braking problem. If it is so, it is a must for you to go to the car dealer to get service as soon as possible. Just before of this problem because it leads you to a fatal accident. Don’t forget to check the batter of the car weekly. This checking is important to make sure that your car is away from corrosion. There is also a condition in which you should change the battery because it is too old to support your car. Now, start to see the must check part of car in your own car. Hopefully, you can keep the performance by doing such kind of regular checking.

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