Car Detailing in 9 Steps

Car detailing is a must thing to do if we really value our car. It’s often recognized as professional job as most people leave it to experts in auto detailing. Having estimated, the cost of go for professional car detailing possibly extends up to $500. Hiring personal detailer will be more costly. But certainly, you can’t miss having your car detailed to keep its high maintenance. If you have a lot of time, execute the car detailing by your own self will not kill you.

The Steps

Car Detailing
Car Wash by Bark

You can still have the nice end-cut, if you follow the right instruction and do it according to the proportion. The only cost you’re going to spend is to purchase the tool kit. Going for the complete set, it won’t cost you more than $300. Let’s say that these all have already set and now we’re going to the directions part. Here they are:

  1. Prepare the tools for car detailing. You’re going to need two bucket (one to be filled cleaning soap, one to be filled with clean water), microfiber cloth and towel, brush, clay bar, car wash soap, shampoo, polish, wax, and buffer for wax.
  2. We’re going to execute the interior part first. Remove all the removable things, such as mats, upholstery, trunk and else. Put them outside. Vacuum them and continue doing that to the back seat of the car’s carpet. After making sure that the dust has been cleanly swept away, clean them with foaming cleanser and wet cloth. Pat the wet area gently with dry cloth after that and let it dry naturally. Make sure that they well-dried to avoid molding. Floor mats are cleaned separately with special non-slip cleanser and finishing. Make sure it’s dry before being set inside.
  3. Other hard interiors can be cleaned will all-purpose cleanser. Use micro cloth to wipe the surfaces, so it won’t leave any fibers. For small things which need details, such air vent and on the edge of window, you need small pointing brush. Make sure the brush has good absorbing skill, so it won’t push the dust inward. Finishing or dressing is recommended to leave glowing finish.
  4. Use shampoo to clean the seats, nylon-made and leather-made interiors. There actually special cleansers for different cleansers and you can buy them all. However, if you wish to cut the fee, getting shampoo is okay, since it has mild cleansing agent without stripping the color. Be careful of cleaning the seats. Don’t let the water drip to the downward part since it’s going to be hard to clean. Always rub it dry with microfiber cloth after putting shampoo. Make sure it’s dried well. Vacuuming it later is recommended.
  5. Wipe away the dust and dirt from both mirror and windows with glass cleanser.
  6. Now it’s time for exterior part. Avoid using acid car wash soap as it can lead to discoloration. Rinse the car body first and wash with the shop and microfiber cloth. Don’t let the soap and dirt get dried. Always clean it with clear water right after you rub, so the dirt can be swept away quickly without leaving tint. Rinse the body thoroughly after. Dry it with towels rather than let it dry naturally.
  7. After getting the body clean, now you may see some scratches or hard contaminant. If the scratch is quite deep, use sand paper beforehand. Later use wax on it to protect and polish to make it glow. Rub the buffer in circular motion to finish it. For the hard contaminant, liquid clay bar can remove it quickly.
  8. Clean the window and mirror with spray glass cleanser and polish to make it glow.
  9. Now we’re going to the wheel. Spray it with nozzle and do it hard to the thick dirt and mud part. Brush the wheel rims with special wheel cleanser and pay attention on the details. Always spray it with water and alternate it with soap on the thick dirt. Rinse it with water and dry it with cloth. For chrome wheels, use special chrome polish to let it shine. There is also dressing for tire you can use to have black matte finish.

Since you’re not sure with some parts, let it done by professionals. Some matters like scratching and applying buffer can be really difficult and risky, especially by using sand paper. Instead of damaging it more, let the professional do it for you. Remember that we don’t use hard cleansers here to avoid provoking discoloration and damage. Acid and vinegar are too rough for the surface. If you’re not sure with the ingredients, you can always go for special made cleansers, such as leather cleanser, wheel cleanser, seat cleanser and else, rather than experimenting by random detergents. In emergency state, shampoo can do everything without harm. Make it regular is always important for car detailing.

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