Some Simple Steps on How to Jump Start a Car

Car is important for your life. You will be able to reach other places in easy way when you drive your car. You don’t need to waste your money and your time when you have a car. That is why today there are some people who buy new car. We know that there are some auto manufactures that offer you new car with high technology features and engine system.

Car batteries by Sherri M. Duncan (Flickr)

Unfortunately, we often find some problems in our car too. Some people who have car usually feel bad because the battery is old. It means the battery will die sooner or later. It is so dangerous for all of you who have automatic transmission. For all of you who have car with manual transmission you still can jump start your car and you can move your car soon.

Not all people who have car know how to jump start a car. You must know all things in your car because we never know what will happen with our car. Checking all things before we go to certain place is important too to avoid bad things. If you want to know how to jump start your car, you can find some tips below.



Check Your Battery’s Condition

First step that you must do is checking your headlights. When the problem is battery, you need to check the headlights and see whether your car’s headlights are bright or dim. If you find that the headlights are dim then you can know that the battery is culprit. If you find that your headlights are bright, you don’t have dead battery and it means jump start your car will not help you.

You can choose to do the other ways. You need to put your car key in the ignition. You need to see your dashboard lights too. You can check the stereo of your car. When you see dashboard light, it means the battery is still working. When you don’t find lights in your dashboard then the problem is in your ignition switch. You need to try your car first and check whether it turns over slowly or crank quickly. If you find that it cranks slowly or not at all then your car’s problem is dead battery.

For all of you who find leaks, crack and damage on your batteries, you should not jump start your car. You need to replace the battery first. You need to remove automobile’s battery cables from the terminals. You can clean the cables and also terminals first. You need to use stiff wire brush to clean all corrosion. If you have already cleaned the cables and also terminals, you can reconnect cables and the battery terminal. When have already finished with all things, you can try to jump the car.

Open Car’s Hood

Second step on how to jump start a car is by opening each of car’s hoods. You need to locate the battery. For all of you who don’t know the location of car’s hood, you can know here. The location of car’s hood is near front of your car on the left side or on the right side. In some other cars, it is usually located near firewall or between passenger compartment and also engine. How about the battery’s location? In most of cars, you can find battery in the trunk. If you can’t find your battery then you can read the manual to find the location of your battery. After you find your battery, it is important to know negative terminals and also positive terminals.

Using Jumper Cables

You can jump your car by using jumper cables. You must know how to use your jumper cables. You will find red and black cables. You need to connect to the battery terminals. You must ensure that the red cables and black cables on your jumper cables never touch each other when you connect the battery. When black ends and red end connect or touch each other, you will find serious arcing or damage.

When you search in some sites, you will be able to find some ways on how to jump start a car in easy way. Most people choose to let their car in idle condition for several minutes. People need to charge the dead battery first. Charging dead battery will need 60 seconds. You can connect between cables and battery terminal and make it in clean connection.

Jump Start a Car without Cables

For all of you who want to jump start a car without using cables because you don’t know about cables and other things, you still can jump your car by using some ways here. Unfortunately for all of you who have automatic transmission car, you can’t do some ways here.

You can make your car at the top of hill position. You need to get help from some people to push your car. Second, you need to depress the clutch of your car. Then you need to put your car in the second gear position. When you have already put your car on second gear, you can continue by turning the ignition to on but not start. You can continue by letting go of the brakes of your car. You can start coasting down a hill or you can move your car by getting help from other people. After your car is moving, you need to let go of clutch quickly and you need to make your car in 5 miles per hours for the speed.

By using this way, you can jump start your car and your car must be able to move. If it is doesn’t, it means you need to depress the clutch and then release it again. You can try several times until you can start your car. If you don’t understand some steps above, you need to search in some sites now because there are some steps with pictures that you will get in some sites. You can try step by step and you can decide whether you want to jump your car by using cables solution or without cables solution. It is simple way to jump start your car now.

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