Some Mistakes You Should Avoid in Maintaining a Car

Taking a car for granted is an easy thing to do, especially when it is convenient to you. However, when problem arises and all hell broke loose, you may find that even the most convenient thing can take turn into the most unexpected disaster in no time at all. There will be times when some parts of it fail to work properly without warning or any sign beforehand at all, causing endless problem and inconvenience to you in the future. If this ever happens, who or what should you blame? While it is natural for a machine to have its time of glitch every now and then, but the owners are to blame too in some sense. Why? That’s because most of the car owners ignore the sign of problem arising when it appears at some point or another, which is something that is so often occurs that it brings potentially fatal problem later on. However, it gets worse when these problems are fixed and treated improperly, whether you do it yourself or hire others to do the job for you.

Car HoodSo what should you do? The best course of action, of course, would be to avoid the problems from occurring by recognizing common mistakes since the earliest of stage; car maintenance. Maintenance in any kind, as we know it, is a very important measure one can take to maintain and sustain a well condition of something. From software’s ‘orderliness’ until hardware durability, maintenance is a key aspect of maintaining its perfect order. Such is also applied in car maintenance. Knowing mistakes and what to do about it in the firsthand during car maintenance has been proven beneficial for so many car owners out there. Find out some common mistakes in car maintenance and what it takes to prevent it in this article.

  1. Ignoring burned-out lights
    In comparison of other car maintenance aspects, changing burned out lights is a relatively inexpensive and easy to do. However, it is common for many car owners to dismiss a ‘mere’ burned out lights simply because they thought it was ‘just’ a light bulb, nothing that will pose too much problem even if it wasn’t replaced immediately, or so they hoped, since it turns out fatal in most cases. Ranging from getting pulled out by the police to accidents, it is a wonder how a ‘simple light bulb’ can do right? So when a first burned out sign appears, change it. It won’t hurt you and your car in the long term, guaranteed.
  2. Jump starting a car without really knowing how to do it
    Just because you have set of jumper cables in your car trunk, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will automatically know how to jump start a car, much less know how to it properly. That is why, before trying to jump start anything, learn the procedure well first. If you really need to jump start your car, first thing first, get the way out of the traffic. Getting hit by another car while you attempt to jump start your car is the last thing you want.
    Also, before you do it, make sure to wear goggles or any other eye-protection to prevent (in the worst case) sparks fly out to your eyes. The next thing you should take a note is to ensure whether the two cars are parked closely but not touching. It is also important to check whether all the cables touch the correct terminal and not touching anything other than that. If you find out that after a while, your attempt still not evoking any response, don’t keep cranking, just give it a time. Ignitions must be switched off in both cars as well, even if one of the cars is not working.
  3. Sloppy electric work
    When it comes with dealing with electrics, a little sloppiness or recklessness could get you zapped in no time. So when you are trying to tweak your car, make sure that it is of when it needs to be. Also, always remember to disconnect and isolate the negative cable of the car’s battery. It also goes without saying that touching the battery at any cost is a big no, especially in high voltage hybrid. Even if you manage to sustain without electrical injury, you could fry your own car and start electrical fire. All hell will break loose, then, literally.
  4. False assumption that bald tires can last a bit longer
    This is one of the most classic mistakes in car maintenance. The temptation of thinking that your rubber can sustain a few miles more beat the cautious, conscientious side of yourself most of the time. Well, it is just natural to think so; optimism is also a human nature after all. But then think of what your car has done to you every single day. Now imagine a ragged old man carrying you piggy back style to everywhere you want, and let’s just assume that this old man’s shoes is as ragged and tired as he is, now imagine your car and replace the image of the old man with it. It is sad, huh? Change those bald tires now, because your car, and you, will need it the most. You won’t want that old man— your car throwing you in the middle of the way right?
  5. Brake repair’s sloppy lube job
    The basic principle of brake lies in friction, when you press or slam it, the hydraulic pressure will make it possible for the pads and calipers to squeeze in; eventually causing the engine to slow down or stop altogether. So, lube is very important here. Doing sloppy job on lubing your brakes will cause either the brake to be broken, or not working at all. It needs precision and delicacy, and when you fail to do it, you fail to do it. So make sure that if you are not sure having what it takes to do, ask professionals. A few bucks won’t mean much compared to any future consequence it might cause from doing sloppy job in maintaining your car’s brakes.

Those are some of the most common mistakes one can easily do in car maintenance. After reading this, make sure that you will be the one who will not fall into the same hole as any other, careless drivers or car owners out there. All in all, it all boils down to being extra careful and cautious at any times, whether in maintenance process or when driving. Stay safe!

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