Some Simple Ways to Do Tune up Your Car at Home

Do you have a car? It is an easy question with a simple answer. Most of the people absolutely have a car. It is useful to be a private vehicle to take people one place to another place quickly without getting crowded and crammed in the public transportation. Having a car should have known its consequence. It is simple and easy that you have to care your car properly. You have a duty in caring, cleaning and keeping the car in a good condition.

What is a tune up for a car
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The simple duty to do is doing a tune up for your car. What is a tune up for a car, actually? It is an activity to restore the machine in a normal condition and usually involve some car systems. It needs some special skills to do tune up, but actually a person with proper mechanic techniques knows on how to do tune up with a half cost. There are some steps to do tune up at home.

Turning On the Machine of Your Car

Firstly, it is necessary to turn on the machine of the car for about ten minutes. It is useful to make the machine hot and ready to do tune up. It is essential to turn on the machine as it gets you easier in checking the condition of the car.

Checking the Battery Visually

The next step is checking the condition of battery visually. It is good to check battery terminal whether it is corroded or damage. By observing it, it makes you get easier in knowing the problems occurred. Then, it is necessary to check battery box to know the leak of the battery.

Checking the Cold System of the Car

Thirdly, it is right to check the cold system of the car. It is beneficial to know what there is damage and problem about this system. Then, you need to see the height of water level in the cold system, the condition and cold components to know whether it is corroded or damaged.

Observing Lubricant System

After checking cold system and battery, you need to check the lubricant oil between L line and F to know the content of the system. Then, you have to observe the condition of oil and make sure that it is not dirty. If it is dirty, you have to change it and fill it with new oil.

Checking the Condition of Spark-plug and Valve Gap Visually

It is essential to check the condition of the spark-plug and valve gap to know its damage and problem. When it is damaged, it needs to change. But, if it does not work well, you should repair it after working again. Disconnecting the spark-plug cable is necessary to be careful and you need to make sure it does not get broken in order that it can be connected again. Before doing those actions, you need to prepare all things that you need in order that it runs smoothly. Those are some simple ways to do tune up for your car.

When Do You Need to Do Tune Up?

It might be slightly difficult to exactly know when you have to do tune up for your car. It is easy to observe it. You need to have tune up for your car by steeping gas pedal. If it is less PEP, you have to do tune up. It is good to have tune up your car regularly for every month after you felt that your car is uncomfortable anymore to drive. By doing tune up, it can improve the work and comfort of your machine to drive. It is also useful to keep the machine in a good condition with the clean ignition system. Actually, you do not need special skills to have a tune up for your car at home.

You need to prepare clean cloth and provide a cleanser to remove oil and fatty stains from the machine and some electric systems. Most of the people may not realize that it has bad effects of stains on the outside of the machine. It can make the machine hotter when it runs. Most of the stains are usually on the machine. It is good to get out the clean wind to get the easy machine and cover carburetor with plastic. To make sure its safety, you need to release the negative cables from the battery to minimize the possibility sprinkle of fire. Then, you clean the surface of machine with cloth. If the film is heavy, it is good to spray on machine degreaser. After that, it cleans the top surface of spark-plug and cable to remove stains. Those are actually easy steps to have tune up for your car. By reading this clean explanation, you absolutely do not get confused what is a tune up for a car? You could do it at home without going to a machine shop in having a tune up.

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