Tips to Take Care of Engine in Your Busy Days

It is great to have a car because it helps your daily activities well. What you have to do now is taking care of it. Too bad, most people are too busy so they don’t have time to take care of their beloved car. This kind of bad behavior becomes a problem because it impacts the performance of the car. It is also a common thing if your beloved car suddenly damage.

tips to take care of engineSo, what do you have to do to keep its performance although you are busy? Here are the tips to take care of engine in your busy days. First, the main thing you have to do is that you should drive with care everyday although you are in your hectic days.

The Right Start Up

Second, the start up becomes the key to keep the performance of the engine of the car. Don’t rush or force the engine during the start up especially in the morning when you want to go to the office. You are also not allowed to do it in cold weather. Don’t underestimate this simple treatment because it keeps the engine for years. Just do the tips to take care of engine in busy days above regularly and see the result.

The Right Acceleration

Third, the start up is not enough to keep your engine last longer. What you have to do next is that it is a must for you to accelerate the car slowly. Again, it is a simple advice to do but it gives great impact especially to the engine of the car. It has to be done in the first time of your drive. Just accelerate slowly for about 10 up to 20 minutes.

The Right Transmission in Traffic Jam

Fourth, there is a case that you are in a bad traffic jam. The simple activity but you don’t realize that it bad for your engine is by letting the engine warming up in idle position. This simple bad activity can cause fuel combustion problem, a problem around the cylinder walls, oil contamination and also problem in the components of the car. So, what do you have to do if it is happening to you on the road? In this case, you just need to put less train by changing the automatic transmission into neutral transmission. This simple strategy can also be done when you are facing red light.

Low Speed and Slow Acceleration

Fifth, although it is your hectic day it doesn’t means that you have to sacrifice your car. The best way to keep the performance of your engine is by driving in normal speed and don’t make sudden acceleration. It is a strict rule for those who want to take care of car although you are busy. Just don’t do it especially in very hot or cold weather because it damages the engine of the car and it means you have to spend extra money to repair the engine.

Check the Engine

Sixth, just check your car regularly especially if you want to go for holiday. It is better to do it a few minutes before driving the car. By doing tips to take care of engine above you can keep the engine last longer.

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