The Necessary Tools for Home Maintenance of Vehicles

Home car maintenance is something fun and somehow fulfilling. When you are able to work on your own car, there will be a one of a kind satisfaction. Of course, in order to be able to do maintenance at home, you will need the good tools to help. Fixing or maintaining a car without proper tools can be very dangerous and even frustrating.

home car maintenanceTherefore, there is a need to put necessary tools for when the tools needed and will be used. Essentially, there will be six tools that will be very necessary to be kept always in the garage or even being put in the baggage of the car.

The Tools

  • Screwdrivers are basic tools. Always keep one flat head screwdriver in medium size and also one Philips screwdriver also in medium size. It is recommended to have various sizes of screwdriver to help the process of home car maintenance to be done in smoother way.
  • Pliers are versatile tools. These tools will be used for various tasks such as adjusting metal parts or grabbing an object in quite a tight space. Always keep a decent set of pliers consisted of 3 to 6 pliers. The prices are not really expensive.
  • Ratchet set is needed but you need to check on your vehicle first. You might need SAE or metric ratchet set. In order to get the right ratchet set, you need to do a little bit of research. There are various qualities of this set and the price can go as high as $100.
  • Wrenches are quite similar to ratchets in term of needing the correct medium to work on. Whether the vehicle needs SAE or metric wrenches, these tools are undoubtedly needed in home car maintenance. Wrenches can be used on bolts those can’t be reached by a ratchet.
  • Hex or Allen wrenches are needed by modern vehicles. There are various lengths available for this one tool. It is recommended to purchase the good quality ones. Of course, SAE or metric option will need to be considered or you can buy a set that will include both types.
  • Jack with stands will be the last tool needed for home car maintenance. This tool will be exceptionally needed if you have large vehicles such as SUV or even truck. This heavy duty tool will help you in lifting the vehicle. Be sure to choose the best jack with stands.

Home car maintenance is something possible to be done. However, there is one more thing that you need to be properly considered. That thing is about your knowledge in car and the mechanism. If you don’t have enough knowledge or even don’t know about it at all, you need to ask help from other people. Maybe you can try to ask help while you also try to help and understand the things you need to do in order to properly maintain the car performance without causing the very unnecessary problems. After all, the maintenance is done for good and not for a bad possibility.

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