Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 2024 [Reviews and Guideline]

As with any vehicle, there is a learning curve. While riding a bike, you will soon realize that the convenience a bike offers, needs some more assortments to optimize the full experience. As the motorcycle is a compact vehicle, there isn’t much space to store essentials for a long ride.

But the good news is, there is a different kind of bags that support the compactness of the bike and offers the space to store essential things.

However, referring to our top 10 motorcycle tank bag reviews would be most beneficial as we have compiled not only the safest tank bags but also provided an ample amount of information about tank bags in general.

Because, the concept of a tank bag can be very new to our readers. So, let us dive right into the review.

Magnetic Vs. Strap Tank Bag

Predominantly, there are two ways a user can attach the bag to their bikes. The options are to either go for a magnetic base or use straps. Magnetic bases are usually convenient for small tank bags that are designed to be attached at the sloping mount of a bike.

They are heavy duty magnets that will keep the bag in place. The magnet is also covered with the same material which is used on the outer exterior of the pack. This conceals the magnet and protects it from scratches.

Although tank bags are meant to be placed in front of the bike, if it comes with straps, the user can easily strap it behind them. The strap feature provides the bags multi-functionality. Made with synthetic nylon, the straps will not tear off or feather easily.

There are D hooks on either side of the bag for attaching the straps. Some bags even come with shoulder straps that are stowed in. Those can be used to carry the tank bag as a bag pack if needed.

In some cases, the bags have both features, and the only strap is provided. This way, the user can derive extra protection from the magnetic base as well as the straps.

10 Best Motorcycle Tank Bag Reviews

As mentioned earlier, knowing which product to purchase can be difficult as there are different types of bags available in the market. Additionally, limited knowledge might be an obstacle to choose a model that will best suit your bike. Fortunately, from our list, you can easily pick yours!


We understand that not everyone is blessed with navigation genes, and some of us struggle while searching for the right route. But, with the help of GPS, navigating becomes easy. Unfortunately, you cannot hold a phone with a GPS in one hand and ride a bike with the other. This is where the Lexin Big Size comes into play.

With a 6.5-inch clear display section, this bag will be able to hold the most recent line of smartphones. The more significant display option also makes it easier to read the navigation directions, and the clear case holds the phone in place. It has a zipper-lock to keep the phone inside.

The entire size of the bag is like a typical smartphone but bulkier. This fits perfectly on the bike mount without creating any discomfort for the rider. The most intriguing feature is the magnet base which attaches the pouch to the metal mount of the bag.

The bottom has four heavy-duty magnets that will not budge with light pressure. Moreover, the lightness of the bag contributes to keeping the bag in place.

The magnet is covered with a heat resistant cover. The inside of the bag is also lined with the same material and is ventilated, which prevents the phone from over-heating. The bright screen of the bag also allows touch screen mode.

On the inside, there is a rubber belt that can hold relevant documents. Another pouch can be used to store debit cards, keys, or money. The zipper is durable and will not come undone unless the user opens it.

Compact in SizeThe bag is not waterproof
Has a clear cover
Enables touch screen
6.5-inch display
One zipper system
Magnetic base
Designed to prevent device overheating
Spacious inside

2. Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

A long drive on a bike sounds perfect for a one-person trip. Smooth travels, long mileage, what more can one ask for? But it becomes a problem when you must pack small items and need to carry a map or a GPS.

You certainly cannot place the GPS on a bag pack and stop every time to look at it for navigating. You need a tank bag, and Coleman’s magnetic bag is the best magnetic tank bag you can get.

The size of the tank bag is perfect to be mounted on the gas tank, and it is spacious enough to hold multiple small items. It weighs about 1.8 pounds, which doesn’t add any significant weight to the bike and is 9 inches in length. The bags dimensions are suitable for mounting it in front of the user.

For easy accessibility of the map, GPS, or smartphone, the front of the bag is covered with a clear case. The clear evidence allows the user to view the map without having to take it out of the bag.

The clear case closes with a zipper, and the zipper is tightly stitched. Another cool feature is the wire port which makes it easier to pass a wire through the bag without having to open the zipper.

The port extension is safe as it has a linen flap on the inside which protects the opening from dust and water. The entire bag is made of 1680D polyester, which protects the bag from getting dusty and dirty easily.

This is very important as any biker knows how much dust a body can accumulate while driving. The bag also has a handle on top which is lined with rubber.

The Coleman is a magnetic system and can tackle wind pressure at 90 mph with ease. The base has a flap that securely attaches itself to the metal tank. It doesn’t leave any scratch marks either. The bag has a zipper on the top as well, which opens to the inside. With such dimensions, the bag can hold lots of items.

SpaciousMight be too big for some user’s preference
Secured magnetic strip
Two zippers
Clear front case
Wire port
Top handle

3. Motorcycle Tank Bag Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley

Every bike rider has faced the weather problem at least once in their lifetime where a sudden rainfall leaves them completely wet. Under such circumstances, a water-resistant bag that holds a small towel would be a blessing. Well, with this model, you can certainly tackle the bad weather.

The motorcycle tank bag by Aztop uses 1680 Oxford fabric that gives the bag superior quality and particle resistance. It is a tightly knit fabric which has minimum space in between for the dust to settle down.

Moreover, it makes the bag water resistance. So, rainfall will not be a problem for the bag. However, constant submersion will cause the bag to soak water.

The bag itself is 1 pound and 13 inches in length. The bigger size allows the bag to have four compartments for different purposes. The space inside is also wide enough even to store one piece of cloth, making this bag perfect for traveling.

Like most tank bags, the front of the bag has a clear case for keeping maps or smartphones for easy navigation. Unlike cheap quality plastic, the transparent casing on this model is clear and wrinkle-free. As the plastic for the clear case is quite thick, the user will not be able to access the touch screen function.

The bag is designed to fit the gas tank of most bikes and has a magnetic base. However, since the bag is comparatively more prominent, it has new fastened belts for extra protection. The front of the bag also has a small fabric hook that can be used to attach bike keys.

Four separate compartmentsThe bag is not heat resistant
Additional belt strapCannot access the touch screen feature through the clear case
A strong and clear case
Water and dust resistant
Spacious bag
Magnetic base

4. Motorcycle Tank Bag for Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley Medium

You’re riding a stylish bike, and the last thing you want is to take away from the aesthetics of it all. However, a handy assortment is very much needed while riding a bike. So, what do you do? Go with a cheap-looking tank bag? OhMotor makes sure that the tank bags are convenient, durable, and stylish at the same time. So, say bye-bye to boring looking tank bags.

The entire exterior of this model is covered with synthesized strips which makes the bag stand out from its peers. However, the grooves are not only a fashion statement; it also helps to detect the bag easily at night as it bounces light better.

This bag is one of the best motorcycle tank bags, as it is spacious in size and has separate compartments for everything. In total it has five pockets, and two of them are at either side of the bag. Three zipper locks lock the three pockets and have a clear case that is protected by a flap.

OhMotor tank bags are equipped with 6 inches clear case display that can hold any modern smartphone. Maps and GPS will also fit in the compartment. The smartphone compartment is separated from the bag with another zipper. The user can access the touch screen through the clear case as well.

This model is extremely versatile as it can be used as a tank bag, a bag pack, or a hand back. There are extra straps that can convert the bag into a bag pack. In general, the magnetic base attaches the product to the gas tank. The exterior of the bag is water-resistant.

Made with Oxford fabricThe magnetic base might leave scratch marks
Five separate compartments
Multiple ways to carry
6-inch clear case
Durable zippers

5. Cortech 8230-0505-18 Black Super 2.0 Magnetic Mount Tank Bag

A sport biker has different needs than an ordinary biker. They seek more durable accessories that not only can endure the rough use but also be able to handle the high speed. That is why Cortech came out with the best tank bag for a sport bike your money can buy.

The feature that makes this bag perfect for a sport bike is the super-strong magnetic base. The base has eight heavy-duty magnets that securely attached the bag to the tank.

You will not be able to it just by pushing. The user needs to pull the back completely to reposition it. Such strong adhesion can easily tackle high speeds above 95 mph.

This model has expandable compartments that can even fit a laptop. The outside compartments can hold smaller objects and closed with a zipper. It also has a water bottle compartment that can hold at least 500 ml. Different segment makes the bag genuinely versatile.

It has an internal tote that can be removed whenever needed. The inside of the bag is also covered with red material which makes it easy to look for things during night time.

Besides, the bags has a wired port which can pass through the bag without compromising the integrity. It also has several hidden pouches to store valuable objects.

With a bag strap, this model can be carried like a bag pack too. There is a handle on the top which can be used to carry it as a handbag. It also has an excellent rain cover. With all the additional features, this tank bag can be easily be transformed into a full bag pack.

Multiple-usesCosts more than its peers
Rain cover and wire port
Eight strong magnets at the base
Back straps
Expandable compartment
Hidden pockets and water bottle holder

6. Motorcycle Tank Bag – Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley – Dracarys

Not all of us want to break the bank by buying motorcycle assortments. At the same time, we want a product that will be able to quench our needs. That is why Dracarys made their version of tank bag which not only has all the amazing features but also costs less.

Like most tank bags, this model also has a magnetic base, where the magnets are dispersed to four different flaps. The flaps cover the entire metal tank and form a secure attachment. There are extra straps available in case the bag puts more weight and needs more hold.

The exterior of the bag is made of top-quality fabric which makes the bag impeccable. The material is durable, which is why it can prevent dust formation and even resists water splashes, so, this bag is weather resistant.

However, it is advised not to submerge the entire bag in water. It has a small fabric hook at the front where key chains can be attached.

The bag has different compartments for storing various items and has a protruding segment in the front, which has a secure zipper. All other sectors are also closed with durable zippers.

This model also has a clear case that can hold bigger-screen smartphones, such as an iPhone 8. The case enables a touch screen too. With the wire port, earphones can be used as well. With the help of the extra straps, the user can also carry the bag as a shoulder bag when needed.

Water-resistant and WeatherproofCan leave scratches on the metal tank
Oxford fabric madeWeak stitches around the seams
Strong magnetic base
Different compartments for easy storing
Detachable belt and larger space
Clear case and affordable

7. Joe Rocket 559-0000 Manta Black 13″ x 7.5″ x 5″ Motorcycle Tank Bag

Getting a bike alone is an investment, and one surely doesn’t want to add extra bucks after one bike. However, a tank bag makes the life of a bike rider so easy and efficient, which is why Joe rocket made it possible to buy a tank bag and not regret the money spent.

This product looks like a teardrop-shaped bag which has magnetic strips at the base to fasten the bag with the gas tank. The gas tank must be made of metal for the bag to stay attached. There are two flaps on either side which hold the side which holds the bag in place.

The inside of the bag is just like a bag pack and opens like a standard bag too. It has one big space on the inside which can easily store a pair of clothing for a long journey, let alone smaller objects. The single compartment closes with a zipper.

The outside of the bag is made of good quality fabric which assures a dust-free surface. The fabric can resist dust for a long time due to its rock Tex 680 construction.

This specific design also makes the bag water-resistant. To make the bag even more waterproof, there is a rain shield cover that can be stored inside the bag, and it stays hidden. 

 Besides the single compartment, this bag has a separate storage option for maps and smartphones. This locker also has zipper locks for binding. The front part of the navigation compartment has a plastic casing for easy view. It is also equipped with detachable shoulder straps which can be used any time as a bag pack.

Water and dust resistantThe magnetic base might not correctly adjust to newer bike models
Detachable shoulder strap
Magnetic base
Rain cover
Rock Tex 680 level exterior construction
Large single compartment

8. Lozom Motorcycle Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley

As a bike rider, if navigation through the streets during night time is your topmost priority, then you need a tank bag that will not only provide you enough space for a phone but also be visible during the night. That is why; Lozom has the perfect bag for your needs.

Often, a single map or a phone is not enough for navigation; the user might require having both in a separate compartment. The lozom product has a deep space for the navigation compartment, which can even hold an external compass if the user desires.

Like other motorcycle bikes, this model also has a clear screen on top of the space, which will allow a user a clear view of the map. The case is also heavy-duty and will not tear down easily.

The external body is made of superior quality material which makes the bag water-resistant. So, a little rainfall will not cause any harm to the bag or the components inside the bag. The main body also has a shiny surface that can reflect light. This feature will help the riders during night time.

The bag has four separate compartments, and two of them reside on each side of the bag where smaller objects can be stored. The main compartment is spacious enough to use it as a bag pack. This product also has a built-in port for audio.  

It can be mounted on the bike on its gas tank, and the four powerful magnets at the bottom will attach itself to the metal. The magnets are on the flaps of the bag. It also has an additional fastening belt for extra protection.

Deep navigation compartmentThe external pockets may wear off with less care
Shiny surface area
Four compartments
Magnetic mounting system
Additional straps

9. Cortech 8225-2405-00 Micro 2.0 Motorcycle Tank Bag Black

Most tank bags are designed with the idea of multi-functionality. Unless you want the bag to act as a bag pack, the bigger size only becomes a bulk on your bulk. However, if you want a bag that is not too small but not big either, then the Cortech micro 2.0 is just the product for you.

Among one of the best motorcycle tank bags, this can be counted as it is not too big or small, just in the middle and provides the user will all the benefits of a motorbike bag.

Furthermore, the shapes of the bag is rectangular with a flat base that perfectly fits the gas tank mount. It has two separate compartments in total and opens flat on top.

Each of the compartments is lined with a zipper-lock which securely closes the bag. The outer exterior of the bag is also sturdy and will not easily budge. It is tightly knitted, which means dust cannot settle easily on the bag, making it dust resistant.

Also, the storage space is flat and spacious enough for copies of books and has a zipper pouch outside for keeping smaller objects such as keys.

The navigation compartment on this nag is placed horizontally above the storage compartment. So, the phone will also be positioned horizontally inside the space. It is covered with an excellent quality plastic clear case for the tranquil view from the top. 

Equipped with a magnetic base, this bag stays put in the gas tank and can easily endure high speed. As the bag is small, the magnet is enough to hold it securely. Despite that, there are extra straps for better protection.

Compact sizeCannot store a laptop
Dust resistant
Flat storage area
Easy mount option
Clear navigation storage
Sturdy zippers

10. GIVI Magnetic Tank Bag EA106B 6 liter

Some users only want a compact companion for their bike, which will not only act as a storage unit but also increase the overall looks of the bike. For such users, GIVI has manufactured the perfect tank bag.

This product is compact and stylish, with D hooks in multiple places and cool zippers. The bag will be surely standout among its peers. The zippers also have a neon touch to them, making it even more outlandish.

The bag mounts on the tank of the bike and stays put on with the help of the magnets. There are two magnets on the flaps of the bag which are on either side of the pack. For extra security, it has D hooks where external straps can be attached, but straps will not be available with purchase.

It has three compartments in total, navigation storage, the primary storage, and an external pocket below the navigation unit. The main storage area is compound and can hold a different item, including a water bottle. The smaller pocket can be used to store keys and credit cards.

The navigation area has a clear case for easy view and can hold an iPhone 6+ or similar models. It can also be used as a shoulder bag by attaching a shoulder strap on the top portion.

Small and compactAdditional straps need to be purchased
Can hold a water bottleCannot endure high speed
Stylish features and neon zipper
Wide navigation unit
D hooks on either surface
Can be used as a shoulder bag
Magnetic flaps for mounting
Robust built

How to Choose the Right Tank Bag?

Now that the motorcycle tank bag review part is over, you need to know which factors to check before you purchase one. As different bags have different features, not all of them will be functional for you.


Depending on the purpose of the bag, the size will vary. If the user is using the tank bag for day to day commute and only needs the bag for small items and navigation, then a smaller tank bag will be best.

For a long ride, if more things need to be packed, then a bigger bag with more space will help the most. The size of the bag will also determine how easily the ride can ride the bike.


The tank bags must be made with the best durable fabrics. If not so, then the products will get dirty very easily owing to the constant exposure to wind and dirt.

That is why the best motorcycle tank bag is usually made with Oxford fabric. For extra protection, some tank bags are heat resistant, and some are water-resistant.

So, it is wiser to choose the type of resistance based on the area you live in. For example, a water-resistant bag will be more useful for the coastal zone. The material also makes sure that the bags remain tear-proof.


Smaller bags have smaller compartments, while bigger bags have bigger compartments. Some tank bags are equipped with up to 5 separate storing places. This allows the user to be more organized while keeping small items.

If the user is planning for a long trip, it is better to have more compartment options as it will allow secure storage options. Mostly, the bags are equipped with zipper locks which are made sure to be durable.

Plus, there are wire ports in some kits as well. More expensive products even have expandable compartments which can be used to store a laptop. So, the user should take these factors into account.


Some manufacturers make sure to include back straps and shoulder straps. So, whenever needed, the straps can be unhooked and used as a regular bag pack or hand back. Be sure to check for a handle on the top if you want to use the bag as a handbag.

The multiple carrying ways makes the tank bag more versatile, and the user can get more benefits with one purchase. Some bags even have a water bottle carrying compartment that can genuinely convert the tank bag into a handy bag pack.


One of the critical features of a motorbike bag is to help the user with easy navigation. That is why all the bags have a compartment with a clear case that allows the user to store a smartphone or map. As a result, the user can easily see the map through the clear case without having to take the map in hand.

However, be careful of cheap plastic cases as it will fog the screen and create problems in viewing. Some clear cases allow touch screen while others don’t.

Mounting Methods

While most bags do have a magnetic base, they might scratch the metal tank. So, if you want to avoid that possibility, pick a bag that can be strapped. However, magnetic bases are more convenient.

If the bag is big and bulky, make sure it has extra straps for manual attachment besides a magnetic base. This will allow the user to ride above 90 mph without any worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much speed can a tank bag handle?

A magnetic base can easily tackle 90 mph.

Is a magnetic base more secure?

Magnetic bases are reliable and secure. However, if the bag is heavy, extra straps are advised.

Is zipper locks secure for holding the small items?

The zipper locks are durable and break-proof. It can easily hold the small items inside the bag.

Can smartphones fit a tank bag?

Yes, smartphones such as iPhone or android with a typical 6-inch screen can fit in the tank bag. One can also use maps.

Can a gas tank made of non-metal hold a tank bag?

If the gas tank is made of non-metal, then a magnetic base will not connect to the tank. Under this circumstance, a tank bag with extra straps can be used.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the top 10 motorcycle tank bag reviews have provided all the details you might need before purchasing a tank bag. This product will not only keep you on track but also offer you storage facilities that a bike fails to provide.

Without compromising bikes’ compactness, you get more storage and navigation. So, grab your bag and ride with a new experience.

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